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LOCKDOWN LATEST: Tomorrow’s announcement

Andover Boris Johnson Lockdown

Everyone will be affected by the Prime Minister’s announcement tomorrow. So when is it? And what is he likely to say?

Mr Johnson is anticipated to reveal his ‘lockdown exit roadmap’ tomorrow (Monday 22nd February 2021).

Many are hoping he will reveal a three-stage plan which will clearly outline how we will “steadily” come out of all the lockdown restrictions we’ve suffered since the end of March last year.

In the Andover area, there have been 63 fewer Covid cases than the previous week. Figures for the 7-day period up to last Sunday (14th February 2021) show that the Test Valley have had 137 new cases (78 fewer than the previous week).

Mr Johnson will reveal plans in front of the House of Commons tomorrow afternoon at 3.30pm (Monday 22nd February 2021).

Boris Johnson will address the nation with a televised speech at 7:00pm.

Newspapers such as the Sunday Times have reported that his plan could allow outdoor leisure activities, such as golf, tennis and (perhaps) picnics to resume in March.

Meetings between two separate households could happen by Easter. Reports have also speculated that Downing Street is planning to re-open non-essential shops including hairdressers in April.

We do not currently believe that pubs without outdoor areas will be open before May 2021.