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John Watson Lockdown Legend

We want to introduce you to some of the amazing people around Andover that are giving up their time, using their skills and helping others.

Meet John Watson... he’s a volunteer at the Andover Isolation Help Group.

He’s not the John Watson of Conan Doyle fame, nor is he the famous F1 driver from the early ’80s.

He’s also not the guy who works for South Central Ambulance Service in Andover – that’ll be his twin brother James.

However, Andover’s John Watson from Winton Chase really is a legend.

John has been assisting every day for several weeks now at the Andover Isolation Help Group. “I think everyone here is amazing”, says 31 year old John. “We have had to learn really quickly about what’s needed and how to to be efficient. This job is about logistics.

“I think our team really are special, we have gelled realy quickly and everyone is working as hard as they can. We are now trusted by the borough council, pharmacies and clinic managers to ensure people get urgent meds.

“Adelaide Road are now giving us all prescriptions for people over the age of 65 to us here at the Isolation Group for us to deliver”.

John has two daughters, 5 year old Kaitlyn and 3 year old Alessia. He said, “I made their lives difficult with the spelling of their names”.

Facilities Manager John has been furloughed from his usual job and has recently become known as ‘John 5K Watson’, for reasons only he will explain – in person.

A golf player whose handicap is ‘bandit’, John says “It’s more of a pastime than a full-time hobby.

“But it’s a real pleasure to be here everyday and involved with like-minded people who are making such a positive difference to our community at this difficult time”.

John (maybe James) delivering gifts to Andover Ambulance Station

You can support John’s work at the Andover Isolation Help Group by donating to their GoFundMe page here.

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