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Malthouse: Brexit and a ‘Golden Age’ for Andover

Kit Malthouse has been returned as the MP for North West Hampshire with 61% of the vote.

Talking to Andover Radio’s Kevin Ridgeon the Crime and Policing Minister said, “The first thing we’e got to do is get the deal [Brexit] through. I think we’re going to be seeing some of that before Christmas. We’ll be back in the house next week to get going on that.

Mr Malthouse also singled out development of Andover Hospital as a priority, “The health of Andover Hospital, the welfare of it and how it’s going to  grow and expand and I’ve committed to setting up a task force with Phil North at Test Valley Borough Council to bring people together to look at that.

“I am the Minister for Crime and Policing and if I keep that job, my job will be to recruit 20,000 police officers and I want to make sure that a fair share of them come to north west Hampshire.”

The election result was at 4 o’clock this morning when the returning office announced that Mr Malthouse had a majority of over 26,000.

Speaking about the general health and prosperity of Andover, the Conservative MP said, “We have very high employment here, but we could do with wages pushing up.

“We need new hi-tech businesses coming to the town, I will be working with the council on this as well.”

Mr Malthouse has been supporting Test Valley Borough Council in their plans for a regeneration of the town centre area and he says he’s excited about the town’s future. “This weekend, I urge people to check out the exhibition on Bridge Street. That’s for the redevelopment of Andover town centre, I was taking a look myself today during campaigning and it looks fantastic”.

“It’s a whole new golden age for the town and urge everyone to get involved.”

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