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Memorial garden for much loved paramedic

In June 2021, paramedic, Derek Quarrier passed away unexpectedly at his home in Grateley. A memorial service for Derek was held at Andover Ambulance station, where the SCAS flag was lowered in his honour.

Derek was described as a much loved and respected man who touched many people’s hearts, especially that of his ‘work wife, Mrs P’ or Dawn as known by others.

Dawn and Derek were often on shift together and helped each other through the difficult times and became great friends.

Dawn and her daughter Sasha have set up a Go Fund me page to raise money for his ‘wonderful family’ he left behind and a memorial garden at Andover’s ambulance station.

Sasha said “Last year I got asked what I wanted for my birthday and I asked for a hug from this beautiful man unfortunately this year I won’t get that hug” adding “the world certainly has been a sadder place since he has been gone”

A spokesperson for SCAS said: “Derek was a loved and respected Paramedic at Andover Ambulance Station, Hampshire. During his distinguished career, Derek touched the lives of many, including whilst working operationally as a Clinical Mentor and a Team Leader.

“He was an exceptional paramedic and also a dear friend and colleague to so many. His kindness and sense of humour will always be remembered throughout staff within SCAS.

South Central Ambulance Service offers their utmost condolences to the family and friends of Derek. We thank him for his many years of loyal service and the positive impact he made on so many.”

Derek Quarrier memorial, organized by Dawn Norman
Photo credit: Dawn

Dawn said “This man changed so many lives, in work as a paramedic and in his private life. He saved so many lives in many ways.

Derek gave so much, so myself and many others would like to give something back to his family.”

Steve Follett who also worked with Derek said “Derek was a lovely man with a big heart, he was a massive part of the Andover station family. I have nothing but fond memories and respect for this great guy”

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