Mobile Gaming: A Look at the World’s Top Casual Titles

Andover is a great place to live—especially with all of the interesting events going on. Locals can enjoy music releases from local talents, enjoy free trade stands at outdoor events, and try to forecast who’s going to win at the annual Andover Awards. But what about when the action dies down? 

To wind down after a long day or pass the time in a waiting room, many people turn to casual mobile games. Over the last ten years, this trend has taken off worldwide. In fact, according to Statista, there could be up to 2.23 billion mobile gamers by 2027. And while most people probably imagine this trend focuses on younger generations, mobile gaming is popular across a variety of demographics.

Casual Games vs. Traditional Titles

But what is a casual game? To put it simply, these titles are shorter and more recreational than others. In other words, they’re designed for relaxation rather than competition—though players are still in it to win. And this is true even for non-traditional mobile titles. For example, a casino gamer might use a welcome offer from a platform to explore its selection of games. But they’ll most likely be looking for slots, which is the world’s most popular casino title. 

Compared to other hits like blackjack and roulette, slot games are comparatively short and involve less long-term strategic thinking. The point is to have fun while enjoying the game’s setting and themes, while also keeping an eye on features like RTP rate.  But it’s the enjoyment factor that makes this genre a hit for casino players—and a lot of it falls back to slots’ shortened format, heightened excitement, and casual approach. Moving back into the mobile gaming sector, let’s cover some of the world’s top titles.

Coin Master (2015)

Speaking of the magic of slots, this mobile game uses gaming mechanics (however, it’s important to note that this is a casual mobile game—not a casino title). By spinning, players are able to accrue coins in order to create villages, attack others, and unlock new village layouts. As mentioned above, players must use a tactical approach to the game if they want to manage their coins wisely—especially since they’re only allowed to spin for new coins five times a day.

Candy Crush Saga (2012)

On its original release, this game was a browser title launched only on Facebook. However, its popularity soon saw it shift to mobile. Since then, it’s become the world’s premier match-three title. Match-three titles are an important staple in the casual game category, as the simplified format makes them highly engaging. As indicated by the title, players must match three different symbols together to advance. Candy Crush Saga is likely the game that you’re imagining when you picture a match-three game, with its bright visuals, board-clearing wins, and tons of candy.

Treasure Master (2022)

This casual shooting game takes players on a tropical adventure where they need to battle different bosses and monsters—all with a few carefully placed arrows. This action-adventure game keeps the format simple, like all casual titles. To advance, players must hit their intended targets, which will become faster-moving and more difficult to hit as they progress. And they’ll need to stay accurate, since missing means they’ll start over at the beginning.

Among Us (2018)

This title took the world by storm when it was released in 2018. That’s because the game added a brand new element that few other titles (whether a casual mobile game or a traditional PC or console game) had incorporated: social deception. The game centers around two groups of players, one of which are Imposters. Players known as Crewmates must work to identify these Imposters before it’s too late—but they’ll need to be incredibly cunning to avoid detection if they’re in the shoes of an Imposter… and also try their best to kill off Crewmates along the way. The game is set in outer space, which adds another unique dimension for players to navigate as they seek to perform their mission.