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Money Guy, Money Show is a GO!

Adam Phillips, AKA The Money Guy has completed his first of many 'Money Guy, Money Shows' last night.
The Money Guy in the Studio presenting his brand New Money Guy, Money Show

Adam Phillips, AKA The Money Guy has completed his first of many ‘Money Guy, Money Shows’ last night.

Adam has recently started working with the Andover BID, in an effort to help any business on the High Street and surrounding areas, save money. His first guest is Mr. Steve Godwin, Andover BID manager.

Adam asks what Steve has done so far, to support the businesses of Andover and how he dealt with becoming BID manager, following the dubious circumstances that surrounded the ‘Yes’ vote.

My aim is to try and save each business AT LEAST their BID fee, my services are completely complimentary and I’d love to get as many of the local businesses on the Radio to promote them.

(Adam’s response when asked why he wanted to work with Andover BID)

Adam has been a regular on Andover Radio since the opening with weekly Money top tips. He has now stepped up his involvement with Andover Radio by having his very own weekly Radio show, showcasing local businesses and talking to anyone and everyone about money.

Each week, you’ll be able to listen back to the show, for his first show click here.

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