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‘Moving gift’ for pub customer

Richard McNeil Overton Red Lion scooter presentation

The owners of The Red Lion pub in Overton say they are really grateful to their “lovely customers” who have helped raised money to get a mobility scooter for cancer sufferer Richard McNeil.

DF Mobility LTD in Andover were kind enough to deliver a nippy scooter this afternoon with thanks to ‘firm negotiations’ by customer Sean Gallagher.

Former HGV driver Richard was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, as a result he was forced to give-up driving.

In response, customers at the Overton pub rallied around to help raise the money to keep him mobile. The cost of the vehicle was topped-up by ‘The Red Lion Foundation’ – a fund created to help those in need around the village.

Richard said, “I could cry, but I’ve cried so much recently I’m not sure I have any tears left”.

Customer Sean Gallagher who helped organise the scooter says, “Landlords David and Victoria are always trying to do new things to encourage custom, but do things that support the village as well.  Today’s presentation to Richard was just one example of how much they care for their community and customers”.

For contributing to the fund, the pub owners wish to give special thanks to:

Colin Barrington, Sean Gallagher, Rich Atkin, Trisha Bell, Colin & Nick, Shane Barlow, Luke Stickland, Lee Poynter, Cameron Thompson, Macy Gallagher, Disco Dave Graham, Rainy Carter, Gary Manners, Nathan Rae, Pete Charman and Andover Radio breakfast host Rob Francis.

Red Lion Landlord David Harber adds, “Despite being faced with life’s mortality, we adore Richard who remains positive and upbeat about his ‘eternal peace’.”