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National youth climate conference on the look out for delegates

In June 2021, DMK Potential was selected by YOUNGO, the official youth constituency for the UNFCCC, to host this year’s Local Conference of Youth in the United Kingdom.

The main objectives of the event are to produce a collective statement from conference attendees, provide opportunities for training and upskilling for attendees as well as help attendees to make connections and learn about environmental organisations they could support – allowing DMK Potential to unite young people across the country behind the need for meaningful climate action ahead of COP26, where world leaders will come together in Glasgow to discuss how we can tackle climate change. The Local Conference of Youth will be held virtually across the weekend Friday 8th October – Sunday 10th October.

DMK Potential are a youth-led charity working to support young people, under three umbrella objectives, giving young people the opportunity to speak up, and be listened to, by those in power, empowering them to make a difference in their own communities and beyond, and providing them with opportunities to get involved in making a difference, whether that be locally, or nationally as part of their wider projects.

Izzy, a youth organiser, says: “LCOY UK 2021 is being organised by young people for young people. With advice of adults our entire organising team is under the age of 20. This is incredibly rare for “youth” conferences and ensures that this conference will be created with the goal of centring youth voices”.

Sandy, a youth organiser, says: The UK has a historic responsibility for the climate crisis, this is an amazing opportunity for UK youth to come together and produce a strong statement before COP26 about the importance of climate justice”.

DMK Potential are grateful to Clim8 Invest, a company that moves billions of pounds of investments into clean energy, for sponsoring the event and in doing so, allowing us to make this event as impactful as possible.

Dmitrijs Meiksans, the Chief Executive Officer of DMK Potential, said, “We are honoured to have been given the opportunity to host this year’s LCOY – this fits really well with our current portfolio of projects, and I cannot wait to see how this event goes. It’s crucial for us to ensure young people are the ones leading this project, with a student-led staff team, we can move this piece of work in the right direction, truly fitting with the voices of young people across the country”

Jamie, a youth organiser, says: “LCOY UK 2021 gives young people the chance  to influence some of the most important international climate negotiations to ever take place. Our conference will feed directly into the global conference of the youth taking place in person in Glasgow which will directly influence COP26”.

DMK Potential is now on the search for youth delegates for this conference, and encourages young people aged 11-25 across the country to apply by visiting