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Petition to challenge county council’s transport funding cuts

Hampshire County Council

Test Valley Community Services (TVCS) are challenging Hampshire County Council’s plans to cut funding for its community transport facilities.

Responding to the council’s Revenue Savings Proposal titled ‘Transformation to 2019’, the local charity which supports the elderly, disabled and vulnerable people is asking the authority to reconsider the proposal which if agreed would stop community transport provisions like their Dial-a-Ride and Call and Go services.

The plans, as previously reported by Love Andover could mean the withdrawal of bus subsidies and seem to contradict the county council’s commitment to ending social isolation among vulnerable residents.

Terry Bishop, CEO of TVCS says, “Our Call and Go service which is for older people, the young, disabled and vulnerable who do not have access to their own or public transport depend on these vital services to remain active, independent and included in their community.”

These services provide an answer to accessible transport, community cohesion, geographical isolation and social deprivation. Without them how will people get out from their homes, get to medical appointments, shop independently, visit friends and family or engage with others at social groups?

Transport is always chief among the issues raised by older people responding to the Council’s own Older People’s Health & Wellbeing surveys. Mrs Bishop adds, “With a growing number of people living longer with disabilities and health conditions the need for these services has never been greater.”

Test Valley Community Services is challenging the council proposal and is asking residents of the Test Valley to sign an online petition here.

The proposal is set to go to a county council cabinet meeting on the 16th October and then to full council for a formal decision at the beginning of November.

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