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PHAT App Nominated for Small Business of The Year!

Local firm, PHAT App, spearheaded by our very own Money Guy, Adam Phillips, has been nominated as ‘Small business of the year’.

The Federation of small business (FSB) holds annual award ceremonies to help support businesses.

This year there are awards for all kinds of businesses including:

  • Community award
  • Business and Product Innovation award
  • Larger Small business of the year award
  • Family business of the year award
  • Micro Business of the year award
  • self- employed/Freelancer of the year award
  • Start-up Business of the year award
  • Sustainability award
  • Young Entrepreneur of the year award
  • Exporter of the year
  • Diversity and inclusion award
  • Service Excellence award

PHAT App has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Start-up business of the year. We caught up with Adam to see what he had to say…

”I was tired of the ‘taxi mentality’… why are we saying no to customers? When in reality, we could refer them to someone we trust and know. Most drivers become self-employed and I believe that it should stay that way, we live in an age where people will simply google ‘Taxi near me’ – it’s not the 80s anymore, ‘carding customers’ doesn’t really happen, if I can’t take you – you’re not going to cancel the night! – you’ll google ‘taxi near me’ and whoever has the best SEO will win… We want to change that.

We are currently sitting in 2nd place on google in Andover – but what that means is, ALL the firms who have subscribed to the app are in 2nd place! They will all get a look in for local jobs and when the customers book, if they like them, they can book them directly next time, further expanding the driver’s portfolio of customers. We are the anti- uber, we want to support drivers and make requesting a lift easier for customers. If you want an 8 seater vehicle, ask for one, all the local firms who have one will be pinged, saving time and effort.

We are very fortunate to be nominated, but to make the final, amazing! Whether we win or not, we are so happy that our efforts have been noted, but if we do win…Mike and I may well have a whiskey…!”

If you want to download the PHAT AppClick here, from everyone at LoveAndover, good luck Adam and co!