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Phil- An Andover Climate Activist journey to COP26

Following on from the visit of ‘Marcha a Glasgow’ walkers to town one of the members of XR Andover, Phil Joyce, took the decision to continue on with the walkers. Initially he intended to go to Oxford but in the end Phil has made it all the way to Glasgow with the Spanish walkers on their epic journey to COP26.

Phil’s bicycle with flashing lights and the ‘Marcha a Glasgow’ plate on the back became quite an icon. He also used his van to help transport bags, tired walkers and anything else.

The journey was filled with greetings great and small in the many towns that they stayed in. Form the town cryer of Abingdon to the pipe and drums band of Ripon. Accommodation and catering has been similarly varied. They have been fed in Sikh temples, small and large homes and several church halls and Quaker meeting houses.

The generosity and kindness of so many people the, literal, length of Britain have kept them safe and warm on this pilgrimage.

All of this is to bring ever more attention to the Climate Emergency and the massive amount of action that is needed right now. They are demanding that government, business and people all Act Now.

On 28th October they all crossed the border into Scotland and continued on to Glasgow arriving on 1 st November. The last few days were appalling weather with heavy rains and the river Clyde swollen to the point of near flooding. Some low lying roads in the city were indeed flooded and there was concern for the COP26 conference site due to the high water levels.

Marcha a Glasgow made it. Their epic journey was completed and they then took part in various protests and events within the city. Such an amazing achievement, passion and energy to complete the 660 miles in a month.

Phil has been with them all the way and will return to Andover once the actions and demonstrations are completed in Glasgow.