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Plant trees in the Test Valley to fight climate change

This November, 1000 local school children and members of the community will be welcomed by
Andover Trees United (ATU) to plant their own trees in Harmony Woods, a community urban
woodland in Andover.
With climate change reaching a critical point and rates of biodiversity loss higher than ever
before, immediate action is needed from every single one of us. It’s easy to feel powerless when
given the scale of the emergency, however, there are things that you can do to help.
The volunteer-led and registered charity aims to involve every young person in our community in 10 years of woodland creation between 2012 – 2021. Each November, they welcome 1000 children and young people, their teachers, families and friends to plant trees and wildflowers.

By the end of 2019, the wood will be home to a total of 7000 British native trees, planted by 7000 school children over the past 7 years.
You can take positive action by helping the children to plant their trees at Harmony Woods
between 18th-29th November, or by planting your own tree on November 16th. Planting more
trees will help to offset carbon emissions whilst also providing habitat and food for many animals increasing biodiversity. Tree planting is happening across the world – and you can be a part of
this global movement here, too.

In a Test Valley Borough Council meeting a motion was passed to declare a climate emergency.
Leader of the council, councillor Phil North highlighted the urgent need to tackle climate change
“We are now focused on drawing together an action plan to eliminate our carbon footprint as
soon as possible, and, with cross-party support, this can be done before the government target
of 2050.”
Liberal Democrat leader, councillor Celia Dowden, also added: “We need everyone to contribute
and evaluate their choices as we aim to bring about change on a national scale. Everything
counts as we step up united in the national fight.”

‘United’ is the key word.

With community-wide action and support of the work of organisations like Andover Trees United, together we can make a positive impact. As well as woodland creation, the award winning charity endeavor to provide nature-based community engagement and volunteering opportunities, as well as outdoor learning for local schools. Education about environmental issues allows ATU to promote an understanding of the natural world, the climate crisis and the need for environmental stewardship . Something that is just as important in planetary conservation as planting trees. ​
Andover is in the perfect place to take the lead in the fight against climate change, to get
involved by planting your own tree or to help with the schools’ planting fortnight, contact the
team at