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Regular indoor market could come to Andover

Chantry Centre Andover
Chantry Centre Andover

Andover could see a regular indoor market if a trial at the end of August goes well enough.

Owner of The Budget Busters, Clive Elliman, has been working to get interest for the plan to go ahead. Clive told Andover Radio about the idea.

This was an idea I had a few months ago and with shops closing in Andover I approached the management centre with the idea and within 24 hours of putting on social media I had 30 potential traders.

This was presented to the management team and finally, after a couple of months to and fro ing, we got the go ahead for the first one at the end of August and hopefully, if successful, it will then be a monthly event. So we need traders to email Chaz and make this a success.

The date for the trial will be Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August and held in one of the empty units in the Chantry Centre.

Stands are available for £50 plus VAT for the two days with each trader allocated a two metre by two metre space.

Chaz Kotecha from organisers Asset Space told Andover Radio potential traders will need to have Public Liability Insurance, a risk assessment and an image of their set up before they can confirm their booking.

We will require the following to confirm your booking so please bear these points in mind if you are replying with a yes. If any traders are interested then could they email me at chaz.kotecha@assetspace.com and I will contact them with a full list of requirements” she said.