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Rockhouse: Nightclubs are ‘scapegoats’

With the need for vaccine passports to be shown to enter nightclubs confirmed, local club The Rockhouse believes the nightclub sector has been ‘scapegoated’.

Their response to Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday comes has the Hart Group, an advisory health organisation, said it was the content of Boris Johnson’s speech on Monday that “Appalled and shows the murky depths to which we have descended.

“Spuriously highlighting the continuing risk posed by nightclubs.” 

The health group continues that Mr Johnson failed to produce ‘any evidence’, anecdotal or actual of what these ‘dens of iniquity might pose’.

A spokesperson for The Rockhouse club on London Street, a charitable organisation, told us, “We have no problem with vaccine passports as long as it’s equal across the board, meaning when you go to watch football or travel abroad so on.

Meaning that hospitality, particularly nightclubs who have spent the majority of time since March last year closed, the club feels that the sector has been blamed for wrongdoings. They say, “The government have scapegoated the late-night industry to date.”

Their response is in line with the thoughts of Manchester’s Night Time Economy Adviser, Sacha Lord who says, “Downing Street has not ruled out extending the mandatory use of vaccine passports to pubs. EXTREMELY concerning for the whole industry“. Mr Lord challenged the government on the closing of UK hospitality venues earlier this year,.

As the time of writing 54.9% of the country has been fully vaccinated

The Hart Group yesterday shared, “In the dark days of January, the Minister for Vaccines stated unequivocally that ‘no one has been given or will be required to have a vaccine passport.  When asked by Baroness Fox of Buckley, ‘can we hold you to this’, Mr Nadhim Zahawi responded, ‘Yes you can’.

Questions of Mr Zahawi are being asked after it has come to light that his family are behind a mysterious new medical company, ‘Warren Medical Limited’.  The company has been curiously listed on Companies House as trading in real estate, however its name clearly indicates a healthcare specialism.

The Rockhouse continues, “We have been open trialling reduced numbers to ensure safe space we will continue this practice.

“We no longer enforce masks but it will be the responsibility of the persons choice.  We will still encourage people to sanitise and observe personal space at all times”.