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Ryan’s Lifting Family Spirits In Andover

Helping local children in Andover

Local man, bodybuilder, army veteran, builder, Ryan Rawlinson has taken it upon himself to try and seek additional funding in order to help those families who are forced into a position of home schooling, but not able to buy tablets for their children.

Andover Radio asked Ryan what the objective was, he replied, ”Basically we want to fund as many children for tablets that are in families that can not fund it themselves, to give as many children as possible an equal chance of learning…. Schools and local authority can’t fund everyone so we want to fill the gaps best as possible…”

Yesterday (5th January 2021), Ryan put a request out on Facebook page saying, ”Calling on all my friends. Having sorted my kids out for home learning I cant believe how many people are in same boat, messages from people saying what are they suppose to do! Its madness! Now some of us are lucky because we can sort it out quickly! Some are not!

“So…. who would be willing to help some other local children? A tablet only costs around £60…. I’m sure I have enough friends with decent amount sitting in their banks that would fund at least 1, I am going to fund 2, however every little helps, £5, £10, £20 whatever you can afford will help towards one .

“Then I’m going to share the purchase proof with anyone that is willing to put money in, then we share them out to as many genuine families as we possibly can! Then I will also share proof of these being handed out with you. Who is in, my aim is at least 10! Makes me sad when I think there are children with no access to proper learning Please don’t hesitate to call me to verify this guys! For your own assurance

Ryan then shared progress throughout the day and ended saying:, ”7 hours later from the first post and we have hit 1,000 of the queens finest pounds! Unreal generosity everyone you legends! Each tablet costs £50, Donate if you can towards a tablet and directly help a child’s learning . “

Here is the link to donate to https://paypal.me/pools/c/8vNaK3W4Mf #lockdown #giftingtabletstochildren

Ryan has given us a wonderful update as he has hit £1200 in donations and also received fantastic news from local Supermarket, Tesco:

He says, ”Amazing news! Tesco are keen to help! Just had a great conversation with them and the community champion is currently looking at ways they can help to maximise the amount of tablets we can get 🙂 Looking at 1 or 2 days until we know exactly what can be done but they are very keen! We are cruising past £1200! Let’s keep the ball rolling

If you’d like to donate any money to help purchase tablets for families that require them, send the money to the link here

Anyone is welcome to join the new Facebook group to keep track on how the cause is progressing by clicking here

From all of us at LoveAndover HQ – Well done Ryan and keep up the good work.

Local Man, Ryan Rawlinson

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