Small Business Ideas To Start At University

Many parents are always a bit overprotective about their children, even though they have already entered university and are trying to build their independent life.

If you want to help your children, it would be better to give them some advice that will be useful, for example, about getting a part-time job. Hardworking students that can value the money they earn always turn into responsible and reliable specialists and good husbands or wives. You know your child better than anyone, so after reading the job variants offered in this article, you can recommend them the best option.

Web design

We live in a world where the Internet has become an essential part of our life. We cannot imagine our life without social networks, online shopping, and playing games on our cell phones. By sorting out your LLC structure in advance, the process of launching your business will be more streamlined. Check out llcbuddy, a website that simplifies LLC information for budding entrepreneurs. That is why IT guys are becoming more popular. If your child wants to dedicate their future career to developing, programming, or web design and already has enough skills to do some simple tasks, create simple web pages or even write codes using some of the simple, or maybe not that simple, programming languages, you, as a parent, have to encourage him to find the job as a freelancer. The sooner the child gets working experience, the sooner they will understand whether it’s really what they want to do in the future. And if you have a real IT genius, then there is a high chance that even being in college, your kid will find an excellent permanent job.


Being a tutor is a typical way for children to earn some money while still studying at school. For parents, it’s usually easier to find potential students for their child because, pretty often, parents like to discuss and share the success of their children, and other parents can take a chance and find a perfect tutor for their kid who isn’t as diligent as their next-door neighbor. And even when going to college already, with the right advertisement, your child can make good money by helping other students with the subjects they find difficult.

Essay writer

If during High School, your kid never had problems with essays, managed to write the perfect college application essay, and is not asking you to find a writing service when going to university, then maybe they can help other, less lucky students. Many consider it to be exhausting and tedious and see it as a waste of time. That is exactly why special writing services are so popular nowadays. You can recommend your child to become a freelancer or help to find a suitable and reliable writing service to send a part-time job application. For example, is thought to be one of the best options for ordering an essay. So, working for them will also be very prestigious. As a second option, you can consider website.


If your child is bilingual, it gives them a perfect opportunity to start using their skills and do translations. Yes, it’s a rather difficult job that requires attention and time, but they plan to become professional translators; first of all, it’s a perfect practice and also a possibility to find a potential employer, especially if you can speak a rare language.

Various services

Every child is talented in their own way; your task, as a parent, is just to find a hobby or an interest of your child that can bring some income. For example, if your daughter is cooking desserts like no one in your family, why not make a small online shop where anyone can order a cupcake or bento cake? Or if your son from childhood is good at repairing anything, it can also help him earn money because on campus, so many things usually are broken, and campus Jack of all trades who lives near you and can come quicker than a professional electrician or plumber is just a dream come true. It will be enough to make a small post on your social networks, add a couple of feedback from those who used your services and were satisfied, and you will surely find a sufficient number of clients. And you can also indicate the price for the services a little lower than in professional agencies.


The dream of many parents is for their child to become a model. Therefore, if you took your son or daughter to auditions and they achieved some success, then this work may also be considered. Now it’s hard to find a young person who doesn’t have Instagram, and it’s almost like a portfolio that speaks for itself and is in the public domain. Thanks to social networks, you can also show yourself as a good photographer, actor, or dancer, because the videos that are shot for Tik Tok only seem very simple at first glance, but in fact, there is a lot of work and effort behind high-quality content.