Spiritual corner with Marie Ponting

We have the pleasure of introducing you to Marie Ponting, a writer for our spiritual corner. Marie is a deeply insightful and intuitive individual who has dedicated herself to helping others along their spiritual journeys.

Her passion for spiritual growth and her profound knowledge of various spiritual practices and teachings have led her to conduct workshops and events that inspire and empower individuals seeking to connect with their inner selves.

Through her work, Marie aims to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can explore their spiritual paths, connect with others, and ultimately find greater meaning and purpose in their lives. So, without further ado, let’s hear from Marie herself!

By Marie Ponting

How was your Equinox? Did you celebrate at all? I ran a wand making workshop to celebrate which was absolutely wonderful. More details can be found on my Facebook page self discovery with Astara.

The wand making came through goddess Brigid and Goddess Ostara, so as part of my spiritual journey I did as was asked, collected various woods (all local) which all have different meanings, for example Yew means time portal and healing ancestral wounds, Silver Birch, Beech, Sycamore, Hazel, next task was for my children, husband and I to all collect feathers, so we did, again all with separate meanings, duck, pheasant, chicken, magpie, pigeon and more.

I sourced some local wax (Beckys Bees) to work with the word and then a selection of crystals Clear Quartz, Peacock Ore, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Dragon Blood Stone, and you guessed it, they all have different meanings. So depending on why you are attending the workshop whether it’s to work through an emotional difficulty, to manifest dreams and goals, to set intentions will depend on how you create your wand.

The next workshop is 29th April to celebrate Beltane, which is on the 1st May. Beltane is the festival to celebrate mid spring and the forthcoming summer! I have been blessed with seeing a lot of animals recently and greatly believe they all carry a meaning and show themselves with intention, its not everyday a Robin lands 2 foot from your face, looks you straight in the eyes and sings to you, it was such a beautiful moment I felt tears in my eyes of joy – Robin, is about releasing things that no longer serve you, setting goals, facing challenges that lead to your ideals, and to sing your own song.

Often in spirit it is also said a Robin that comes to visit is a soul who you know. The full moon this month was Thursday 6th April, pink moon meaning full moon of spring, with new moon on 20th April.

Upcoming dates:

Online drum circle with Sandie Alderman – last Monday of the month 7.30-9 Contact: Sandra 07834

6 week meditation courses (Spirit Animals, Chakras, Crystals, Past lives, Goddesses and runes), 1-1 meditation, crystal healing, soul healing and channelling. Beltane Wand making workshop 29th April and coping with grief workshops. Contact: Marie 07825 654230 or

Andover Alternatives meet once a month at Augusta Community hall 6-8, last Sunday of the month, varying topics, details on the FB page. April is chanting with Rhonda Cleary.

Fire ceremony 8th April – releasing what no longer serves you. Atlantis Dragon workshop 23rd April 1-1 Dragon readings 27th April Tarot Courses, Retreats, readings.

Gong baths – Sonic Spa Gong Bath Meditations provide regular sound therapy meditation sessions using the gong and other instruments, for groups and individuals

Monthly chanting Sisters sharing space, moon gatherings, chakra and colour therapy Email: Yoga retreats