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Staff Member at Wellington Primaries Completes the London Marathon

Wellington Primary Academies Attendance and Welfare Officer Joanne Rose completed the London Marathon on Sunday 23rd April 2023. Jo completed the marathon with an outstanding time.  

 Jo decided five and a half years ago that she wanted to get fit and active, upon learning she could have fun doing this and get medals she decided to take up running. Starting with the smaller 5k runs Jo built up her stamina, moving on to the 10k, 10 mile and next half marathons. With the top of her bucket list being the London Marathon.

After completing the virtual London Marathon in 2020 with her friends, Jo decided it was time to face the event in London with the roaring crowds and the unbeatable atmosphere.  Jo entered the ballot and finally after her 4th entry she was offered a place.

January came along and Jo began her training, running 3 times a week ranging between 3 – 8 miles long. Taking each day as it came, Jo began to increase her miles doing long runs whenever she could on weekends until she reached an exciting 18 miles. After a week of rest and carbohydrates Jo finally took to London feeling excited and nervous all at once. Jo managed to finish the run in an incredible time of 4 hours 15 minutes and 51 seconds.

Jo Rose went on to say “Running has become not only a way to keep myself active and fit but a hobby, I love colleting the medals and will continue to do more races. The London Marathon was a big goal on my bucket list and I am grateful for the opportunity to partake. It was a complete shock that I was able to get a place so quickly through the ballot as I know some people have had to wait 10 years or more. The race was an amazing atmosphere something that virtual races cannot give you and I am very happy that I got to be a part of the event.”

Sarah Johnson-Motyl Commented “We were incredibly excited when we learnt that Jo had gained a space in the London Marathon. We are all so proud of her as a school and have loved hearing her stories in assembly, as well as a show and tell of her medal and photos. A massive congratulations to Jo from all at the Wellington Primary Academies for partaking in such a gruelling but rewarding event.”