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Stationery support for Vigo Primary School

Local business man, Anthony Couch has provided stationery to local school children at Vigo School in Andover.

Anthony told us, “On my 40th birthday, my day started with reading an article which referenced the primary school I attended as a child, where a member of staff stated some disadvantaged families couldn’t even afford a pen and paper to home-school their children let alone an electronic device such as a tablet or laptop.

This made me feel quite sad and really appreciate how fortunate my own children are, and how fortunate I was as a child, so I have to decided to use some of the money I received for my birthday to purchase and donate 40 packs of pens and paper, one pack for each year of my life, to the most disadvantaged families in my local town.

Anthony reached out to the Head of Vigo Primary school in Andover, with his offer and she replied saying his offer of a donation would be greatly received.

Anthony says, ” i am not telling you this as a form of self appreciation, or as a way of generating birthday wishes, but simply to spread the word on how random acts of kindness don’t need to be expensive and flash, and can come in the simplest of forms. I sincerely hope my gesture ends up being something rolled out and that those in need benefit from it. We all need to support each other as much as we can in the current times, and this is just one way I’m trying to do my bit.

Anthony delivered these donations to Vigo Primary School on Tuesday 2nd February 2021, as a result 40 families will now benefit from an A4 pad and two pens to aid them in their home schooling.

Anthony says, “Simple gestures like this can go a long way, so I would urge everyone to do, and give what you can.”

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