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Striking a Chord: Andover Community Raises £2000+ at Ohms Law Charity Gig

Last weekend a remarkable event unfolded at The Wolversdene Club Hayward Suite, as music enthusiasts and supporters came together for an unforgettable charity gig in aid of The Countess of Brecknock Hospice.

Organised by the bandmates, friends, and family of Ohms Law member Chris, the night promised fantastic tunes and an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the community.

Following the event, social media platforms buzzed with excitement and gratitude as attendees shared their experiences and expressed their heartfelt appreciation. Dave Hancock, bassist of Ohms Law, took to Facebook, expressing his gratitude to everyone who played, helped, and attended the event. He reflected on the overwhelming generosity and support shown by the community, highlighting the emotional journey the night had offered.

The Ohms Law charity gig had set an initial fundraising target of £1000. However, the generosity of attendees and supporters far surpassed expectations. The event concluded with the JustGiving page reaching an impressive total of £1500, with additional donations still pouring in. Furthermore, the contents of the donation bucket, collected from auctions and contributions to name the Bunny, added to the fundraising efforts.

In a heartfelt message, Chris D, also known affectionately as “old Chris” or “Chris 1.0”, expressed his gratitude to all involved. He extended his thanks to attendees, donors, organisers, musicians, and venue staff, acknowledging their pivotal roles in making the event a resounding success. Chris emphasized the significance of The Countess of Brecknock Hospice in his life, underscoring the vital support they provided during his battle with cancer and his father’s previous illness.

As the organisers tallied the funds raised, the final figure stands at an impressive £2035 At time of writing). This extraordinary achievement not only surpassed the initial fundraising goal but also demonstrated the immense impact of collective effort and community spirit.

The overwhelming success of the Ohms Law charity gig has ignited plans for future events. Dave Hancock announced the exciting prospect of ‘OHMS FEST’ in 2025, promising an even bigger and more spectacular event. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by organizers, performers, and attendees reflect the power of music and collective support in making a difference in the lives of others.

As the community celebrates the remarkable outcome of the charity gig, the spirit of unity and generosity continues to inspire hope and resilience. Together, they have not only raised substantial funds for a deserving cause but have also forged lasting bonds and created cherished memories. The legacy of the Ohms Law charity gig serves as a testament to the strength of community spirit and the transformative power of music in times of need.

(Photos From Ohms Law Facebook Page)