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Poet's Corner

Snow day again

Crispy crunchy snow slippery slush puppy snow dusty blow in your face, so wear a scarf snow. Gusty sleet blowing a gale up the street frosty ice slipping and...

Poet's Corner

It’s snow joke❄️

It’s snow joke when the busses stop when you’re snowed under when the beast from the east has stopped your feast cause Tesco shelves are stripped bare and your...

Poet's Corner

If I was a superhero

I am a nightmare in blue pants I do my little dance Then beat you On cue Cause I am a super hero Super I said not superzero Superman’s got nothing on me I can...

Poet's Corner


When the ghosts of Christmas’s past won’t go, they just laugh at all your efforts for this Christmas time the air freshener scent of pine won’t hide the smell...

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