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Love Andover radio station poem

Andover Radio on air off air, Love Andover cares. Gives access to education and the arts seeks to bring cohesion to an expanding population through news, views...

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She is shadows

She is shadows
 her eyes are stars. 
I want to know her 
 but all I bear are scars. 
A bleeding heart
 an echo in the caverns of a soul. 
Love is remembrance

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The citadel of tears

The citadel of tears Stone grey walls. Where silence falls. where mouths do not speak birds do not sing. On her throne a Queen in a land of mourning every day...

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Princess 6

In the aching heart of tormented years he holds a picture like scarification of a her face tattooed in his mind autumn leaves turn to summer rain. If he could...

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Love The greatest virtue so they say I have seen it used as an excuse and it won’t go away when the victim goes back to their abuser their children are...

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