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Take my picture

Take my picture this place, this moment in time. This memory, this day take my picture show this expression on my face, happy or sad good or bad. Note down in...

Poet's Corner

Beyond good and evil

I am the answer that lies in between the cracks of ying and yang. I am the song John Lennon sang. I am humanties only hope, for freedom without fear. What is...

Poet's Corner

I have let the war fade away

Blood shot eyes
 awake in flashback nightmares
 screaming in silence. 
Lost in guilt ridden violence 
everyday is a brutal regime 
there’s no distinguishing no...

Poet's Corner

Touched by the Muse’s hand

Kissed by chaos touched by the Muse’s hand penned by blood stained by the red exploding into my own head. Reaping the rhythms of un-danceable music the...

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