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Test Valley Arts Foundation presents Ukrainian Artwork to TVBC at full Council meeting

The Test Valley Arts Foundation (TVAF) presented Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC), with a lasting and tangible recognition of the Borough’s support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, through the medium of visual art.

A painting by Maryna Melnyk entitled ‘Our Sun Is Already Rising’ was presented at the full Council meeting on the 25 October at TVBC’s Beech Hurst Council Offices in Andover by the Board of Trustees representing the 30 year old arts charity with the artist present.

Yinnon Ezra MBE, Chairman of TVAF said, “The purchase, besides being an excellent piece of visual art, is a symbol of our support for Ukraine’s struggle to retain independence. The presentation to TVBC is both to re-enforce this and also highlight, and thank, the support the community of the Test Valley is continuing to give to a number of Ukrainian families who have made a temporary home in our Borough.”

“Our Sun Is Already Rising” by Maryna Melnyk

According to public records 455 Ukrainian refugees came to the Test Valley as a result of the ongoing war, with 325 host families in the borough supporting them.

The Test Valley Arts Foundation board of Trustees, which include John Dumper (Hon Treasurer), Michael Moore (Co Secretary), Dorothy Baverstock, David Drew, Michael Johnson, Roy Perry, Georgiana Robertson and Sue Messa were unanimous in the decision to purchase the original work, exhibited recently at the Broughton Village Art Show, as a way of sharing with each other in the community, within our mutual worlds, a way of finding meaning. This is fundamental to everything the Foundation does, in supporting the importance of arts and culture and creative expression.

The Worshipful the Mayor, Cllr Philip Lashbrook, introduced both Test Valley Arts Foundation, the artist Maryna Melnyk and the painting at the full meeting of the Council, bestowing an unusual 10 minute platform for the presentation of the artwork which will now reside in the public area of the Council offices in Andover.

About the work Maryna Melnyk added, “The painting is a 24 × 30 inches acrylic on canvas painting. This is a new work  from the series “Ukrainian Sun” first shown publicly for viewing at the exhibition in Broughton Village in August. ”

The Test Valley Arts Foundation was established as a charitable organisation in 1991 by Michael Colvin MP for Romsey, to encourage, promote and support culture and the arts within the Borough of the Test Valley to enrich and enhance the quality of life in the Borough. Over the last thirty years the charity has facilitated, supported and promoted cultural and creative opportunities for all within the Test Valley.