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Test Valley Arts Foundation receives a funding boost from the Council

Test Valley Arts Foundation (TVAF) has been showcasing arts and culture in Test Valley for 30 years and have recently been awarded £7,000 funding from Test Valley Borough Council to support the foundation and enable them to continue their work.

Yinnon Ezra, MBE, Chairman of TVAF said ”Given Test Valley Borough Council set up the Foundation 30 plus years ago and we have probably brought in over half a million pounds for Arts and Culture including setting up Chapel Arts Studios, the Council’s support is a real vote of confidence in our work. Hopefully, we can continue for another 30 years.”

The funding allows Test Valley Arts Foundation to have a presence this year at several key outdoor events, such as The Romsey Show, Trout n About, The Museum of Army Flying Wheels and Wings, village fetes and more. The local community event organisers missed TVAF’s presence last year, as they bring the arts to life with storytellers and artists who engage with the community and particularly children.

There are also plans to have artists in residence in Romsey Library and King John’s House. These venues have had the benefit of such support in the past from TVAF, which was enjoyed by many visitors of all ages. 

Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Councillor Phil North said “I am pleased to release funding to TVAF to ensure that everyone in our local communities has access to the arts at venues and events throughout the borough this year. This one-off funding from TVBC will also aid TVAF in undertaking a strategic review in 2024/25.” In receiving these funds TVAF have now been able to draw down funds of £12,500 that Hampshire County Council had awarded them, and they have also received a further £2500 from an anonymous donation.