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Test Valley Borough Council Supports Andover Museum with Councillor Community Grant

Test Valley Borough Council is proud to be supporting the Andover Museum’s community events through the Councillor Community Grant Scheme. The grant has helped the museum, managed by Hampshire Cultural Trust, to organise a series of engaging activities aimed at exploring Andover’s heritage and envisioning the future.

The Councillor Community Grant reflects the council’s commitment to fostering community connections and supporting initiatives that enhance the cultural fabric of the region. This project has seen people of all ages involved in envisaging how Andover might look and feel in the future, including a communal exhibition of children’s drawings and a community LEGO build event.

Councillor Iris Andersen, one of the St Mary’s Ward councillors who awarded the grant, said, “We are delighted to support the Andover Museum’s efforts to engage the community in imagining the future. These events provide a platform for residents of all ages to come together, explore their heritage and to connect with one another and the place where they live.

“We believe that initiatives like this not only enrich our cultural landscape but also strengthen the bonds within our community. By investing in projects that promote dialogue and creativity, we are laying the groundwork for a vibrant and inclusive future for Andover.”

For more information about the Councillor Community Grant Scheme and other initiatives supported by Test Valley Borough Council, visit