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The Anti-screen Revolution!

I’ve joined the revolution !

Families across the country join together in an Anti-screen Revolution!

The campaign is for real play ! Putting down the screens and taking time to make moments and memories as a family.

As a brand ambassador, I am part of a group that can try a range of families games made by Jaques of London.

I then tell you about what new games i have discovered to enjoy each month, so that you can then enjoy them with your children.

Family game 1 ( March 2019)

This month we were sent Mahjong to play.

I had never heard of this game before. I read the how to play instructions that came with the game and was still none the wiser, so needed to use google to help me understand how to play ! These are the ones here, that i found. The rules of play are very much like playing a game of rummy. Once we had worked out how to play, we did enjoy playing this as a family. We spent two hours together playing this game, the children wanted to play it more than once !

If you like the sound of this game you can buy it on thier website here.  Jaques games are exclusively sold online.

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