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The Christmas cracker event 2020

With the Christmas break approaching fast and the challenging times families and individuals are facing, community organisations and agencies across the Test Valley have come together with the Christmas Cracker hamper. 

It’s a selection of Christmas treats, Ingredients/recipes for five main meals, ‘do-it together’ creative resource pack, books/board games and a Christmas message from local school children.  Supportive agencies information will also be included, giving them pathways of support.

This collaborative approach was formed by Romsey Community School Pantry and Romsey Food bank.  They wanted to help those who are most in need, whilst ensuring they get support not only at Christmas time but in the future. 

The Christmas Cracker hamper will be delivered on the week commencing the 21st December 2020 by Unity, The Rotary Club and Menshed to name but a few.

Wendy Masterson the Community Development Manager of R.C.S Ltd told us, “I am sure, as you can imagine, with the Christmas Cracker being provided throughout the whole of the Test Valley, we will face many challenges over the next few weeks.  But as the community banded together in March this year, we will do it again to make sure this Christmas is special for families in this pandemic uncertainty.”

Jan Lefley , Managing Director of RCS told Andover Radio, “In these challenging times RCS and Romsey Food Pantry felt it was more important than ever to make sure our resources reached all of those in need across the Test Valley. So they joined together with faith groups, Foodbanks, voluntary groups and the Borough Council to pull together to deliver the Christmas Cracker 2020. We are all aware that FSM families are struggling but so are those who are above the FSM threshold, couples, older people and single people, we believe that this project will go some way to supporting some of the people in these groups”

Give them a call to find out more on 01794 522106