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The Divorce Journal for Kids

An Illustrated Journal to Support Children whose parents are separating has been written by parenting expert Sue Atkins and illustrated by Amy Bradley.

Sue Atkins, known as ‘The Parenting Expert’, frequently appears across broadcast media with fun illustrations by Amy Bradley, illustrator of the bestselling The Are of Being a Brilliant Teenager.

Rates of divorce are anticipated to rise in the aftermath of COVID-19

When you tell your child that you are getting a divorce, they might have lots of big feelings – like anger, fear and sadness and lots of questions too. This journal is packed full of activities that will help them work through these feelings and get their thoughts and questions out into the open. This journal from parenting expert Sue Atkins gives children a safe place to express their feelings about divorce and the resulting changes, so that they can start to understand them. Full of creative activities to help them process this life-changing event, it provides children with a source of strength and comfort through this challenging time, as well as giving them a way of sharing how they are feeling with a trusted adult. Sue Atkins spent 25 years as a teacher and Deputy Head, before becoming a parenting coach 16 years ago. She is well-known as ‘The Parenting Expert’ and frequently appears on the likes of This Morning, Sky News and in many of the UK’s biggest newspapers. Amy Bradley has previously illustrated books such as The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager and Diary of a Brilliant Kid.

‘This book is an excellent tool for children and parents to work through.’ Tanya Gordon, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

‘A perfect resource to empower children to manage their feelings and emotions through a divorce.’ Tosh Brittan, Founder of Divorce Goddess.