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News from Andover foodbank

The 12 months from the start of the first lockdown has Andover Foodbank distributed more food than ever before. This pandemic has affected us all, but it has highlighted some of the inequalities in our society including income, health, education and digital access. It has also revealed how close many people are to needing help from a foodbank.

During the last year they have distributed food to over 6800 people. Each lockdown caused an increase in demand as circumstances changed and income was insecure. They also saw a significant increase in demand for help at Christmas. Low income was the reason most people needed help from the foodbank, simply not having enough money coming in to cope with all the additional pressures that this year has placed upon households. Homeschooling, needing more access to WiFi, increased food prices, pressures on relationships, loss of work and additional heating/electricity costs while everyone was at home. However, the community responded by donating so generously. An additional  20 tonnes of food came through their doors not to mention toiletries, baby supplies and cleaning items. Your lockdown clear-outs helped provide bedding and welcome packs to those moving in/out supported accommodation and your financial donations meant we could buy when we ran short of specific items. Together, we made sure no one went hungry. Staff at Andover Foodbank, Thank you.

School Summer Holidays

Summer is almost here and it can be a real struggle getting though the long school holidays, keeping children fed and entertained without the help of free school meals and often with additional childcare costs. Children living in poverty are at risk of social isolation during school holidays – something many people have experienced this year and this support is designed to help children get out for picnics, have friends over for tea or to take and share at someone else’s home.

Andover Foodbank would love you to be involved.

  • They are looking for  ice pops, cake/cookie mixes, jelly, pringles and chocolate biscuits such as kit kats or penguins as ideal for picnics. You can drop at the foodbank or any of the collection points
  • They want to be able to give families visiting the foodbank over the summer an extra treat too, so we are collecting puzzle and activity books so that parents can choose something for each child. They trailed this last year and it was a really appreciated
  • Donate directly to the scheme via the online donation page mentioning summer in the comments box
  • Support by signing up to Give As You Live and ‘earn’ money for us as you book your holiday (staycations count!), online shopping, even searching on the internet – it doesn’t cost you anything.
  • Donate by text .

The treats will be mixed with ordinary food and market vouchers to give children the chance to enjoy their summer break, free from the worry of their next meal. 

Visit Andover Foodbank website here for further details on what they offer the Andover Community.