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The Secret History of Burlesque Review 2019

On Saturday the 15th June 2019, I had a night out with some of the other girls who are part of the Love Andover crew, to watch the Burlesque performance that took place at The Lights in Andover. I was a burlesque virgin and didn’t have a clue what to expect…

What is a Burlesque show all about?

A burlesque show is not a strip club! Burlesque shows have a long history as being fun, entertaining, and a little over the top. The performers are sexy, they are very creative in their costumes and their act. A burlesque show includes LOTS of audience interaction, you are encouraged to clap, cheer, whoop, and you get to meet the performers after the show to tell them how fantastic they were.

I LOVED the show it was so entertaining and had us at some stages laughing loudly and also stunned at pure awe at the acts The host of the evening was great, she was sexy and funny. She held the show together so well that it flowed and the show seemed to come to an end far too quickly.

The shows performers, Lady May J, Nancy Norte, Velma Von Bon Bon, Domino Barbeau, Lena Mae, Ana Kiss, Petit Pois, Vixen Victoire, Enigma and Bambi Lebam. Each act was different and unique.

I LOVED this and recommend that everyone watches a Burlesque show, why not visit the Andover Burlesque page, here, so that you don’t miss out on the next show that they hold in Andover.