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‘The Word’ on Andover and District Mencap

Andover and District Mencap

Andover and District Mencap (ADM) will be celebrated on Andover Radio’s ‘The Word’ programme this Sunday.

It’s another chance to hear Cat and recently appointed ADM Ambassador Vikki Cheshire who talked with Andover Radio’s Ben Morris earlier last month.

The 55 year old charity helps people with, and families of people with, learning disabilities.

This Sunday at 6:00pm, Ben will be finding out more about the history and work of the local independent charity, the work of an ADM Ambassador and he will talk to Cat about her life with Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy and her many rosettes for showjumping.

“I do a lot of horse riding thanks to Wilton Riding for the Disabled Association and been doing dressage for eight years and showjumping for two years“, says Cat.

Explaining her neurological condition, she told Ben, “I do not see Cerebral Palsy as a barrier.  It is just when my muscles tighten and won’t do what I want them to do.”  Cat also suffers epilepsy and will give listeners advice on what to do if anyone experiences someone suffering an epileptic fit.

The chartity’s Chief Executive took to Twitter today after an election candidate in Kent said that ‘people with learning disabilities should be paid less”. Chris Dixon commented, “I am often left flabbergasted and angry by the comments made about people with learning disabilities. If we are to believe we are Great Britain then all members of our society should be treated, equally and fairly.”

Andover and District Mencap was established in 1964 as an independent, not for profit, community minded charity which supports and advocates for adults and children with learning disabilities, their families and carers.

It was formed by a group of parents, who thought that the idea of sending their children to residential hospitals was not in the best interests of their children. This group of parents thought their children should live their lives and have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Recently appointed ADM Ambassador Vikki explained to Ben Morris how ADM fits into the wider Mencap brand, “ADM was set up by Liz Hall who was art of the formation of the movement to create a nationwide Royal Mencap Society.  Royal Mencap takes care of people across the nation, but here Andover and District Mencap focuses specifically on supporting people in the Andover area which stretches from Basingstoke to Stockbridge.

“I get a bit twitchy when people refer to us as just ‘Mencap’.  We are Andover and District Mencap, a local independent organisation that is specific to this area.

“The Andover community has always been hugely supportive of our work.  But of course we could always do with more.”

To find out more about Andover and District Mencap, to offer assistance or volunteer, please contact them on 01264 321840 or visit their website here: https://andovermencap.org

Listen to Cat and Vikki talking to Ben Morris on The Word on Monday 11th November 2019 below:

On this Monday’s programme Ben will talk with Mo Sweeney and Ella Palmer about the official launch of our ‘Love Bus’ project which aims to help reduce social isolation in and around Andover.

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