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Tommy Gentleman says “The clock is ticking” – TEDx

Tommy Gentleman TEDx Andover

We all die twice.

Everyone knows what it’s like to experience a life-changing shock or tragedy.

Earlier this month, popular local entrepreneur and inspirational speaker Tommy Gentleman hosted a coveted TEDx event in South Wales.

The owner of Reasons Fitness in Andover which has over 350 members gave an emotional and honest talk, explaining how we can allow loss to destroy us, or perhaps allow it to make us stronger.

He says his role is to “Transform challenge into confidence, no matter what the obstacle or the individuals involved have to face.”

The personal development consultant is the host of regular short bursts of inspiration on 95.9FM Andover and the “Tommy G Talks” podcast. Tommy is a life coach who specialises in confidence building and achieving goals.

Father to two children, Lincoln and Marci, Tommy has been working to help people ‘achieve their full potential’ since he started as p Personal trainer in Andover twelve years ago.

His talk was given at a TEDx event in Newport, south Wales. Watch Tommy’s talk here:

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