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Veteran launches breakfast club in Andover

Andover Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club launched on Saturday 23rd of April.

The club is part of an international clubs that was formed by former Derek Hardman. The clubs have a positive impact on the lives on many veterans and their families. It is not affiliated to any charities so there is no commitment they deem as a requirement as part of the club.

There are no membership fees and nothing to join and is open to veterans and their families.

Founder Terry Eccles told us “The clubs are open to all serving, veterans and families of any of the armed forces and any rank. All that is expected is they attend, have a bit of camaraderie, banter and in a safe place they understand amongst their military comrades. Some just buy a cuppa, some a bacon butty, others the full monty breakfast. Some realise financial issues and help others out”

The aim of the clubs as mentioned, a safe place, somewhere they can go with other like minded people, have a bit of banter, and look forward to the next one. Even new friends made, a meal if you’re on hard times, and/or an understanding ear that will listen. The clubs have saved several veterans.

The breakfast club was held at Blue Onion in the town centre and will have one on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Next one on the 21st May.

To find out more email Terry on