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“We’ve done it”, Toby gets his new chair

Proud mum Gemma Pearce was excited to announce that her son Toby’s fundraiser has hit its target.

“Very excited, overwhelmed and emotional to be able to tell you WE’VE DONE IT!!!!!!” Gemma posted on social media today.

14-year old Toby suffers Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy and can suffer up to 100 seizures a day. His mum Gemma launched a GoFundMe campaign recently to buy her son a new powerchair – but the new unit has a massive £15,000 price tag.

Gemma said, “I received the news last night that an anonymous person donated the remaining £2000 needed to get Toby’s new chair!

“10 months of hard work has paid of and we’ve got there! There were times when I really thought it was impossible under the current circumstances!

“Toby WILL have his new chair and I want to thank you all! I can’t name everyone as there are so many of you, everyone that shared a post, bought numbers for draws, placed bids on auctions, companies and people who donated prizes to auction/number draw, to everyone who donated, everyone who did charity days, sold items, and those who put Toby’s name forward to business etc to receive donations”.

Gemma gave special thanks to local councillor Iris Andersen who, “Has worked so hard the last 3 months gathering prizes, donations and doing her sponsored walk and ended up doing 390 laps instead of her pledged 200”.

Toby’s fundraiser received two anonymous donations plus a £1,000 gift from the QC Foundation, a charitable organisation based at the Queen Charlotte Inn.

There is a prize draw which will continue until this Friday.

The family have a rugby shirt auction, a ‘Time to Graze Platter’ and a £20 voucher from local store Mooch. Gemma concludes, “It would be amazing to end on a high and sell all the last tickets so please take a look at what numbers are left. However If they are not all sold by Friday I’ll do a name generator.”

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