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What is an eBike and how to choose the right one for you.

What is an eBike?

eBikes are gaining popularity and the government is planning to improve cycleways and make cycling safer and a more attractive option to public transport and cars. A street legal eBike is classified in the same way as an ordinary bicycle which means it can be like an ordinary bike and does not require any registration, road tax, licence or insurance.

In order to be classified as a legal eBike it must conform to the following:

Maximum power of electric motor does not exceed 250W

It only assists when you pedal

It only assists up to 25kph (or 15.5mph)

You can pedal as fast as you like but those are the limits of assistance.

The benefits are:

You can go further with the same effort

You still get exercise as you go further and more often
(studies have shown that individuals with eBikes get more exercise than those with manual bikes as they are more likely to go out cycling in the first place plus go further and for longer)

You are more likely to use it for short trips and commuting rather than a car, scooter or public transport therefore saving money
(did you know that 70% of all car journeys are less than 5 miles? You can cycle that in 20 minutes!)

It flattens hills so leisure and cycling to work is just more fun

If you use it for commuting you are less likely to get overly hot and sweaty

If you have had injuries or knee problems that prevent you cycling an eBike can give you the freedom to get back into leisure cycling.

How do you choose the right eBike?

eBkes, just like conventional bikes, come in many forms. Mainly they are:


*Step Through

*Hybrid for road and trails

*Gravel for tracks and off road

If you are commuting then a step through or hybrid variety is most likely to be for you.

For leisure riding in country lanes and tracks then a gravel or hybrid will be the best choice.

If space is a premium and you need something for short journeys then a folding bike may suit you best.

Most eBikes have a range of 30-60 miles between charges and there are higher capacity batteries available to increase the range if you need it.

In terms of size it is best to try a few bikes and make sure it is comfortable for you. Frame sizes vary for different inside leg measurements and wheel sizes tend to range from 20” to 28”. Small wheels are better suited to short road journeys while larger wheels will deal with potholes and rougher terrain more easily.

Visit your local eBike specialist and get some advice, try a few bikes and have a test ride. If you have never tried an eBike you will be surprised at what a difference it can make, and it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Hampshire eBikes in Andover are an eBike specialist where you can get free advice on the best bike for you and take a test ride. They stock a wide range of bikes and offer free delivery and collection. Visits are by appointment only and they can be contacted on 01254 316143 or visit hampshire-ebikes.co.uk.