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What’s Occurring? – Andover Radio wins a national Community Radio Award in Barry that’s what

Alex Krupa Andover Radio Community Radio Awards 2019
Awards: Alex Krupa

Barry, Wales, one of the settings and filming locations for beloved T.V show, Gavin & Stacey, had an influx of radio people flock to the much loved location for the Community Radio Awards.

The awards on Saturday night was held at the Memo Arts Centre and was attended by over 200 people from the radio industry to celebrate the achievements of community radio.

Andover Radio attended and was nominated for ‘Specialist Music Show’ of the year. The ‘Alex Krupa’s Country Show’, which is on every Wednesday 7pm – 10pm on 95.9FM, was nominated in the top 5 in in the country. It was celebrations all round as Alex scooped the bronze award.

On winning the award Andover Radio Director David Harber said “Considering Alex had never stepped foot inside a radio studio until last year, it really is a testament to his passion, commitment and professionalism in introducing people to country music. Alex is such a delight to work with and everyone here is so proud of Alex and his producer Sam”. 

After the receiving the award Alex said “I started the show on Andover radio to share my passion for country music to alleviate some of the stereotypes of country music. But also to create an audience for the Hampshire area. There wasn’t much in the way for country music here apart from the odd band that came into town every now and then. Yet there is a huge community for it across the U.K. and this show has given Andover a gateway into the community and a base for any local audience to check-in to.

We also strive to bring new artists to the forefront of people’s playlists and radar. Giving people a wider option and array of artists that they can choose from.

But most of all we enjoy it! It’s hard work and we spend many hours a week researching sending email planning for the future and each show. And to receive this award is recognition for all that work.

We want to be the place in Andover that people go to as a hub for country music and we do our best to facilitate every time! We have plans to expand with a new website soon, and to become more involved in the industry as a whole.

Our show has been on for just over a year and to win an award is testimony that we are on the right track and we will continue to evolve the show to make it more interesting, diverse and relevant.

We have made some great connections with artists, media outlets and PR companies increasing the awareness of our brand that has reached over to new artists in the USA. We are excited for the future of the show and it’s potential! As well as our journey as radio broadcasters.

And we thank anyone who listens to the show or has listen your support is the world to us.

Show producer Samantha Melrose said “ I joined Alex a few months into the show going live and as soon as I saw there was a platform for country music in our local area I jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

Supporting artists, holding events and getting to share this incredibly vast genre with the people in the town is such a great feeling. We’re both over the moon with how well the show is doing, and receiving an award within this first year is mind blowing.

Much of my week as Producer is spent play-listing, emailing, researching and doing the best we can to ensure we’re educating people on the genre, helping artists to the best of our ability but also just having fun sharing great music with anyone who tunes in.

Can’t wait to see where the show goes next!