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Call to put an end to Andover’s “Clown Council”

Andover Clown Council Town Council
ANDOVER: Clown Council

The inability of Andover town council to get anything done means today we lead the call to “Put an end to this shower of incompetents.”

That’s the rallying cry from the town’s local radio station after yet another show of egos, blocking and attacks from the parish council’s elected members.

In response to a full council meeting on Monday (28th October 2019) where the ‘energy sucking blockers’ gave litigious and unfounded comments – now a matter of public record – Andover Radio formally asks for public opinion on whether the town council should be abolished.

The phrase ‘energy sucking blockers’ is in direct reference to town councillors David Coole and Christopher Ecclestone, as respected councillor Rev Andy Fitchet resigned from the council earlier this month, saying “I can no longer try to defend the town council against accusations of being petty, ineffective and navel gazing when currently I agree with these descriptions.

In calling for this action, Andover Radio and Love Andover (the community development arm of the local radio station) formally retracts any applications for project funding to create a youth service for the town and a disability-friendly Christmas grotto.

The Christmas grotto is intended to help young people in town who are affected by sensory issues.

Test Valley Borough Council today confirmed their financial support for this festive activity which works in partnership with Andover and District Mencap.

At Monday’s council meeting, councillors David Coole, Rebecca Meyer and Lauren Banville voiced their opposition against supporting the training of volunteer youth workers in Andover – at a time that the council sits on the best part of half a million pounds of taxpayers’ money.

Today, we confirm, “We officially retract any request for town council support for any related community projects.

“Notwithstanding that we are seeking legal advice in taking action against one or more councillors, their performance at council meetings simply vindicates the use of the name ‘Andover Clown Council’.

“The constant blocking of important council business highlights some councillors as inept, bickering and narcissistic children in a playground of egotistical ne’er do wells.

“The iniquitous actions and comments recently by some councillors have only confirmed our view that the electorate has been entirely misled and ultimately let down.

Andover Radio have started the process to garner public opinion on whether people in Andover support a “Total Abolition of Andover town council”. The legislative process is currently being confirmed.

The call comes as ‘parent authority’ Test Valley Borough Council makes forward thinking and decisive changes to help people and businesses in the town, such as the purchase of the Chantry Centre, the Hemingway Design Masterplan and the creation of a ‘Cultural Quarter’.

“Having seen members like Coole, Ecclestone and Meyer in action, we see first hand that they entirely fail to represent the views of the people who voted them in and their lack of support for the great many organisations in this town that do great work day after day.

“The will of voters who wanted change at the polls in May have been short changed. We will ask the people of Andover if they want an end to this circus”.

A further statement will follow.