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Legless? You plonkers!

The owners of a local landmark have shown their sense of good humour after their landmark Reliant Robin was vandalised recently.

Earlier this month vandals caused damage to the yellow vehicle owned by Nigel and Graham North of the Weyhill Car Boot sale. The vehicle is well-known locally and is used to promote the popular event.

Vandals also stole the upper part of a mannequin dressed as the TV character Del Boy, played by David Jason in the BBC comedy series Only Fools and Horses. The mannequin was inside the yellow vehicle.

Today Nigel and Graham owners of the Car Boot have unveiled their replacement landmark: Del Boy’s remaining legs and a sign aimed directly at the hapless plunderers.

The sign reads, “You plonkers. You forgot my legs”.

Last week owners told Love Andover, “We are so sad to report that our Reliant Robin car trailer up at the site has been vandalised. The doors have been wrenched off, our ‘Del Boy’ mannequin has been taken and the flag poles have been bent over.

Today owners through social media showed their sense of good humour:

Anyone with information about the vandals who also caused damage to property are asked to get in contact with the Weyhill Car Boot owners.

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