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Young litter-picker tidies Andover on daily walks throughout lockdown

A youngster who has been litter-picking with her parents on her daily exercise every single day since the lockdown, is determined to keep it clean.

Eight-year-old Lucie Rose, of Andover, was inspired to start her clean-up mission after seeing residents ditch their rubbish on the floor near where she lived.

Lucie Rose

Last week Lucie contacted Cllr Phil North to let him know what she had been up to, explaining that she had saved her money to purchase a litter picker because she “wanted to help the planet and our local wildlife“.

Cllr Phil North said that he was “so impressed by her commitment” that he arranged a surprise visit to her home to deliver a goodie bag containing; gloves, high-vis, bags as well as an additional litter picker. Phil Explained that it was all part of Test Valley Borough Councils Community Litter Picker Scheme

Cllr Phil North

Lucie is so determined to live in a clean environment she is now inspiring her peers from St John the Baptist Primary School to follow suit and get involved.

With Lockdown still in force and half term looming why don’t you get involved too.

TVBC’s Love Where You Live initiative encourages people to think about their environment and use the bins provided but also has a tea of volunteers who help support th Environmental Services team keep Test Valley clean.

Sign up is easy just click HERE to follow the link.