Poet's Corner

The woman in the flames

There are cracks of flames
In her eyes.
Smoke and licks of flame
as her new body forms.
The darkness shudders
as lightning dances.

The firestorm in which she stands
explodes outwards
shadows burn
and turn into light
explode outwards
there’s a fire inside
A Hypnotic trance
flames dance.

Her skin made of stars
white light in which universe glows
white hot rivers of fire
form her veins
eyes burning incandescent.
A rainbow of burning colours
that are new and have no names
she is a woman reborn in the flames.

By Daniel Hooks

AKA alienpoet on Facebook
Image by Steve Thornton

About the author

Dan Hooks

Hi there my name is Dan Hooks and I am a poet.

My poetry has many diverse themes from madness to the mundane, from fantasy and fable to philosophical and the darkness of reality (whatever that is).

I have been writing since I was 18 and have inspired other artists such as Benjamin Heine who created an piece of art work called”filled with fire” from my poem called “Freedom”. That poem was inspired from a quote from Nelson Mandela saying “we are free to be free”. Writing I find is a collaborative process.

I have also written other poems which have been used in language courses in America, Canada and Australia. One of which is called “poem on identity” and the other one is “Antithesis”.

I have a soundcloud account in which I post poems to music and my spoken word pieces. I find spreading my work on various social media platforms really useful for presenting my work.

I am also fond of travelling and have climbed Mount Fuji in Japan visited Finland skied in both USA in keystone Colorado and Whistler in Canada. I find perspective can be found in travelling to other countries and it also helps you appreciate other cultures as well your own.