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A-Fest organizers unveil exciting changes for 2023 event

A-Fest, Andover’s youth festival, will be back in the town centre for its ninth (9th) year in 2023, again showing just how much is available for young people in and around Andover. A-Fest will be held on Sunday, 21st May, in the Andover Town Centre.

This year, the festival will have a new format, with co-organiser Dmitrijs Meiksans saying, “This year, we are being more ambitious and rather than inform young people of opportunities in the town, we are going to provide the chance for young people to actively get involved.  This may include trying a new art or craft, sport, or something else.

The festival has a new format, with five zones offering chances to get hands-on, they are Arts & Crafts, Health & Well-being, Performance, Identity & Self, and Get Involved.

Katherine Bird, A-Fest Andover CIC Director, and co-organizer of the festival, said, “This is an ambitious new format, that will give attendee a chance to try something out, and maybe find a new interest or hobby, we are really excited to offer this for the town”

For more information about the youth festival and to be in the know about the latest details and plans, follow A-Fest’s Facebook page