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Andover BID Rangers Friendly & Refreshing New Look

Andover BID Rangers have become a regular feature of Andover Town Centre, having been patrolling the High Street and supporting businesses and residents for almost 2 years, now is time for a refreshing new look to reflect their friendly, calming, professional and colourful presence.

Recently, the combination of good weather and excellent town centre events, has meant that the Rangers are now recognised with their daily presence and easily spotted when needed with their new brightly coloured Andover BID Ranger uniform. Day to day the Andover BID Rangers handle around 30 different enquiries, some of these around disorderly conducts, ASB, shoplifting, begging and medical incidents, ensuring they are keeping the town a safe environment to shop and do business, also being at hand as a trustworthy source for people visiting our town looking for guidance, signposting or directions to the town’s popular amenities such as Car Parks, the Leisure Centre, The Lights, The Cinema, Iron Age Museum and more.

Recently the Rangers have been first on scene when emergency situations have arisen in the Town Centre, when a fire recently broke out in one of the chantry centre superstores, our Andover BID Rangers used their quick thinking and fast acting skills to ensure the shopping centre was evacuated. The Rangers communicate with the public daily and can relay any exciting news, innovative ideas, and feedback. Their presence in and around the town daily and facing the challenges they do means they can pass on valuable feedback from both a visitor’s perspective and their position as Andover BID Rangers.

The Rangers were first on scene to assist with medical emergency that occurred, their calming and fast thinking presence makes them approachable and able to deal with such emergencies, Brian Ling from Ludgershall shared his experience: ‘’ My wife was involved in a medical incident where the Andover BID Rangers attended, and I just wanted to thank Aarron and Sophie for their professionalism, care, concern, and reassurance at an extremely difficult time for us both. They gave my wife first aid, waited until the paramedics attended and took over and kept in touch with us until she was out of the hospital; thank you so much; we are both grateful. And it is reassuring that they are around the town centre’’.

To reinforce the BID Rangers, Andover BID organised for our town centre businesses to have a state of the art Radio communication system, this means when the Rangers are patrolling the town centre, businesses can contact them should they require immediate assistance. Andover Independent business owner Alex McGarry shared: “As an independent shop owner in Andover, I am extremely pleased to have the new rangers in town. Having peace of mind that I can radio, text or call someone who is available almost immediately is fantastic! Both Aarron and his Ranger partner each day are super friendly and approachable, and I can contact them for help, even for the smallest issue! I was born and raised in Andover and loved the feeling of our town being safer and more connected through the rangers and the radio system.”

Andover BID manager Steve Godwin also shared: “When the Andover BID came into being, businesses were clear that they would like a reassuring and uniformed presence in the town to support them and help reduce crime and theft. Now that the Rangers have been in place for some time, we have learnt the times that they are most demanded, and they work different shifts on different days. The summer months, particularly this year, are hectic in Andover, and we have seen many people return to the town centre. We want our rangers to look and be friendly.

Although they carry out a very serious role and sometimes must be involved in unpleasant circumstances, they are a reassuring presence, not just to businesses but to members of the public. They work closely with the police and all the agencies, and where there is usually someone in need, they do all they can to support that person and to be helpful.

The public is often looking for help and visitors to the town centre, consistently ask for advice and directions. We are very proud of the service, and we consistently work to improve it; the latest change to their uniforms is aimed at making them look less military-style and more user friendly, they are after all, our Ambassadors for the town.”