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Andover in top 5% of UK for A-Levels

Andover College student A level results
Andover College A-Level Results

The latest performance figures released by the government show Andover College is in the top 5% in the entire country of ‘value added’ for A Level programmes.

The figures put Andover as 16th out of 348 colleges nationwide and second in Hampshire, marginally behind Farnborough Sixth Form.

‘Value added’ is a measure of the degree to which students not only fulfil, but achieve grades beyond their original potential. It is, in essence, a measure of the improvement students make and is a powerful indicator of the quality of a college’s teaching and learning. Value added recognises that students will have different starting points (some will naturally be more able than others) and the proportion of these students will vary between colleges. An outstanding college like Andover, with top value added scores, will enable students to succeed beyond their initial expectations.

Tim Jackson, Andover College Principal explains further: “These latest figures from the government demonstrate that not only do our students achieve outstanding results (100% pass rate for all A Levels in 2016), they also make phenomenal progress during their time here due to the excellent teaching team. The progress our students make is amongst the best in the country – we genuinely take our students further than if they went to other colleges in the area and this is what defines Andover College. We call this the ‘Andover College Guarantee’ – our promise to support each and every student to do the very best they can”.

Andover College is committed to manageable class sizes, which ensures students get exceptional levels of support, both academically and socially. Former students attend the best universities in the country including the famous Russell Group and leading Art and Design Institutions. Andover also offers the widest range of courses of all local colleges – 40 A Level subjects; almost 50 professional and technical subjects from level 1-3; Apprenticeships and Foundation Learning options.

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