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Town council gets permission to use logo

Andover Town Council Heraldic Coat of Arms
Andover Town Council: Coat of Arms

Andover town council has been granted permission to use a coat of arms it has been using for seven years.

The logo, a red lion under an oak tree, is considered a heraldic device by the Royal College of Arms and can now be used legally by the town council at a cost of over £3,000.

The Royal College of Arms based near St Paul’s Cathedral in London has ‘crown authority’ with powers given to them by the Queen to grant permission to use such ‘shields’ and ‘coats of arms’.

The Andover town council logo was granted to their predecessor Andover Borough Council in 1949. Andover town council was created in April 2010.  Fines for not registering use of an heraldic device could have been up to £17,000.

Cllr Katherine Bird exclusively told Love Andover that the crest will not cost the people of the Andover, “I am delighted that we are reaching a successful conclusion after many months work. This would not have happened without the generous contributions made my anonymous donors.

“So, this will cost the town nothing.

“The College of Arms had explained to me that ‘it is not uncommon for organisations to use a crest without the correct permissions.'”

Peter White, Officer in Waiting at the Royal College of Arms says, “The arms, crest and supporters of the old Borough of Andover are being transferred to Andover Town Council. The Queen’s Royal Licence for this has been issued.

“The next stage will be for the three Kings of Arms to exemplify the armorial bearings by a certificate which will describe them in heraldic terminology.

“The fee payable, which is laid down by Earl Marshal’s warrant, is £3,150”.

Heraldic devices were first used in the 16th century and painted on shields to help identify people in battle.

The Royal College of Arms says that the Queen “has been graciously pleased” to allow Andover town council to use the coat of arms, an image adapted from the old seal of the Borough which originally dates from the around 1648, under the reign of King Charles I.

College of Arms London
College of Arms London

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