Andover Events Christmas

Andover’s Virtual Christmas market

Kayleigh Christopher who is a local Andover Usborne Organiser had big plans on what she was going to do around Christmas and which events she would try to attend, but due to Covid restrictions these look unlikely to happen now.

Kayleigh has set up a Facebook group called, Andover Virtual Christmas Market, which is free for anyone to join. You can join the Facebook group here.

We asked Kayleigh why she decided to set up an online virtual Christmas market she said, “One night when i felt defeated i thought if i feel like this so many other businesses would be also. I couldn’t sleep that night thinking of what i could do then thought why not work together with some local businesses to create a little online market for my friends and family to enjoy. I spent hours searching through Facebook to find local companies that were relevant to all ages. I can not believe how big it has grown and i am so happy with hearing that already other businesses including myself have made new customers. A huge thank you to everyone who has joined already.”

The Christmas Market is showcasing the best of local business from the comfort of your own sofa. No babysitters required – no children tugging at your sleeve adding  to their Christmas Wishlist. Visit the Andover Virtual Christmas market to find an selection of exciting local people with details of what they are selling.

Happy shopping