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Avian Flu Warning

A dead Red Kite was found recently in a paddock in Appleshaw, and DEFRA has now confirmed that it died of avian flu, which is transmissible to humans.

A record number of cases of avian influenza, or ‘bird flu’ as it’s commonly known, have been confirmed across England, Scotland, and Wales in wild and captive birds this winter (2021/22).

Bird flu is an infectious type of influenza that spreads among birds and there are many different types. Some strains of bird flu can pass to humans but this is extremely rare. It usually requires very close contact with an infected bird so the risk to humans is considered very low.

Public Health England’s advice is not to pick up any dead birds but to get in touch with DEFRA if you come across a dead bird of prey, gull, or waterbird. The helpline number is 03459 335577.