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Be a Lifestyle winner with Waitrose in Andover

Lifestyle Card Waitrose Andover

The Andover-based Lifestyle Card is going from strength to strength with a new agreement from an Andover supermarket.

The discount card will be given away as a prize to Waitrose customers in the Chantry Centre throughout December. The card was launched in 2018 and offers discounts are hundreds of local shops and businesses including Riverside Bowl and the Blue Onion Café.

Waitrose recently celebrated 50 years of trading in Andover and store management say they wanted to offer something back to their staff and to their customers.

To commemorate their anniversary, the Andover branch have given staff a Lifestyle Card, valid for one year.

In addition, they are randomly choosing times throughout the day to gift a card to two lucky customers, so that they can benefit from over 700 local discounts; encouraging them to continue to support local business.

Andover’s Waitrose Manager Jeremy Board, said, “As we continue to trade in uncertain times it is more important now than ever before to continue to ensure that we bring as much trade into the Town Centre as possible for the future benefit of businesses and customers. I am very pleased that we have been able to reward all of our Andover Partners with Lifestyle Cards to celebrate 50 years of Waitrose in Andover.

“Additionally, to thank our customers for their continued support, throughout December we will be gifting a 1-year Lifestyle Card membership to two lucky customers each day that we are open.”

The Lifestyle Card founders, husband and wife team Sean and Fiona Caruana, told us, “We are delighted that Waitrose has decided to reward their Andover partners with our Lifestyle Cards. Waitrose is an integral part of the town centre and it’s great to be part of celebrating this fantastic milestone.”

To take advantage of the benefits offered by carrying a Lifestyle Card, please click here.

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