Ben has sold some advertising

Ben on the phone, Again!

Reports are coming in that Ben has sold some advertising although at present this cannot be confirmed.

Ben, who often goes by the alias “The Muffin Man” and models for mobile phone adverts, appeared in the offices of Andover Radio earlier today and offered to make the coffee.

I knew something was wrong straight away” said Andover Radio Managing Director, David Harber. “He never offers and even came up with some software called Tea Roulette to get out of making it.”

Colleagues of Ben are also concerned over this incident.

A close friend of Ben’s, who did not want to be mentioned, said “We are all concerned for Ben. He’s been watching lots of episodes of Mad Men and we think it may be affecting him. This is proof.

A spokesperson for the Advertising Standards Authority said “Why are you calling us again? Please stop or we’ll have you arrested!

To be aware of what Ben is dealing, please see our advertising rates.