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Celebrated Wildlife Artist, Alex McGarry, Soars as ‘Artist in Residence’ at Hawk Conservancy Trust

In an exciting collaboration that blends art and conservation, Alex McGarry, a celebrated wildlife artist, has been named the official ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Hawk Conservancy Trust. This partnership is set to not only showcase Alex’s exceptional talent but also support the vital work of the Hawk Conservancy Trust in preserving birds of prey.

McGarry’s journey to becoming the official ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Hawk Conservancy Trust is a testament to her dedication to wildlife and the world of art. Having painted wildlife and birds as a full-time profession for the last decade, her passion for these subjects is evident in her work. Alex shared, “Painting wildlife and birds is something I never tire of – I love wildlife, and I love to paint! So it feels natural to me to want to give something back to some of the wildlife that I depict in oils.”

Inspired by the Hawk Conservancy Trust’s remarkable passion for birds of prey and their conservation efforts, Alex reached out to the organization. “Their passion for their birds is infectious, and, as a local conservation charity, it’s incredible that their conservation and research work takes place in both Africa and Asia, as well as here in the UK,” she explained.

Visitors to the Hawk Conservancy Trust can look forward to a stunning display of Alex McGarry’s original paintings and drawings, all featuring the birds at the Trust. The diverse collection includes depictions of Tawny Owls, Barn Owls, eagles, and even vultures. In addition to the original artwork, an exclusive Limited Edition Print will be available, with 100% of the profits from these prints going directly to the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

The impact of this partnership is poised to be significant, as 50% of the sales from Alex’s paintings and drawings will be donated to the Hawk Conservancy Trust. Alex McGarry emphasized the importance of contributing to the Trust’s efforts, saying, “The work that Hawk Conservancy Trust does is vital for birds of prey both here and across the globe, and I hope to contribute to those efforts, however big or small, through the sales of my paintings and drawings.”

The centrepiece of this collaboration is an exclusive Limited Edition Print, which will be unveiled at the launch event on November 30th. The event, which promises to be an exciting occasion, will take place at the Hawk Conservancy Trust from 6.30 pm to 8 pm, with the official opening at 7 pm. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a glass of fizz, view the new display and Alex’s brand-new collection of paintings, and witness the unveiling of the exclusive print.

Alex McGarry’s artistic process is a reflection of her deep connection with nature. She explained, “Painting British wildlife and birds is always exciting, from the smallest garden bird through to a big hairy highland cow.” Alex starts with photographs and sketches of her chosen subjects, which she later transforms into stunning oil paintings. Each animal or bird, she noted, possesses a unique personality, story, or emotion that she strives to capture on canvas.

In discussing the inspiration behind her art, Alex expressed her admiration for the flying displays at the Hawk Conservancy Trust, particularly the owl display in the woodlands. She recounted an encounter with Walter, the Great Grey Owl, which left a lasting impression and led to an immediate pencil sketch, Alex added “The flying displays at the Hawk Conservancy Trust, particularly the owl display in the woodlands are always fascinating. The quiet and stillness of an owl is fascinating. Recently I met Walter the Great Grey Owl up close and I captured him in a pencil sketch straight away!

For those unable to attend the launch event, the display of Alex McGarry’s artwork will be a permanent feature in the Hawk Conservancy Trust’s Gift Shop, ensuring that visitors can view and purchase her art at any time the Trust is open.

Looking ahead, Alex McGarry has a bright vision for her collaboration with the Hawk Conservancy Trust. Alex shared, “This year has been incredibly busy, with my own gallery celebrating its fourth anniversary, an exhibition on board the Britannia cruise ship, which included a painting demonstration to over 120 people and a near sell out exhibition. 

The launch of ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Hawk Conservancy Trust is just the start of this exciting collaboration and I am excited to see what we can do together over the next months and years!

This unique partnership between art and conservation promises to not only showcase Alex McGarry’s extraordinary talent but also to contribute to the vital mission of the Hawk Conservancy Trust in preserving birds of prey both locally and globally. Visitors and art enthusiasts alike will have the opportunity to support this meaningful endeavour and take home a piece of art that captures the beauty of these magnificent birds.